Medical Attention

  • Teachers working private schools also receive medical care. However, Medical Attention does not apply to some problems, like erectile dysfunction for example. In fact, some places have witnessed organized teacher protests because medication like has not been included in the teacher's health benefits program.

In the search for an excellent place to send children in Texas to learn, St. Luke's Parish Day School may represent one of the best options. The learning institution stretches from preschool years until the primary grades and a student will be placed in a supportive classroom where they get the full attention needed to learn both educational topics and life skills. St. Luke's is a part of the St. Luke's Episcopal Church and has received accreditation from the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools. This group has full recognition from the Texas Education Agency and meets all requirements for schools in the state. A new inspection every seven years makes sure that the quality remains at a high standard.

St. Luke's Parish Day School bases a student's education on many different aspects. In addition to the standard subjects, a child will also find that they are able to mature emotionally, spiritually, and physically. This combination will give the student a better preparation for their later school years and many former students have gone on to illustrious careers.

The history of St. Luke's goes back to 1959 when the school was started. The tradition of the educational approach comes from the Episcopal Church and is based on the principle that both spiritual and mental growth are needed for a person to reach maturity. By addressing all factors in a student's growth, they will be better prepared for the road that lies ahead.

The St. Luke's Mission Statement makes it clear exactly what the educators are trying to provide for their students. The mission of St. Luke's Parish Day School is to provide an outstanding academic program in a Christian setting that will give warmth and love to encourage students to reach the maximum potential of their natural talents.

As a team, this goal can be reached.